“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” - Coco Chanel



Oh yeah baby! Here I sit at Har....oops...McDonalds! And you'll never guess why. I found out quite by accident last night that there is wireless internet available here. And in little ole Columbia! Previous to now, I've typed up my blog, saved it, and when I got home (or remembered, whichever came first) I would then upload. Here, I can publish immediately! How perfectly wonderful is that? Read the news, blog, surf...all while enjoying my down time AND breakfast! My life is forever changed! So much for loyalty to Hardee's. Am I really that wishy-washy? I have been a faithful customer there for multiple years. I feel sorta like the 40ish year old male that decides he wants a 22 year old instead of his wife of 20 years.

All those people who say "I saw your vehicle at Hardee's" no longer can. Hehe. And here I am telling the world at large I am now going to be at McDonald's. Makes no sense to inform the world yet again of my whereabouts.=)

One thing is for certain, the seat I am in will not be occupied by me tomorrow. I am right under a speaker that is blaring and I tend to like quiet when in a creative thinking mode. I find myself stopping to gather a thought process and music intrudes. Not to mention that it's right beside the restroom door. Beggars simply cannot be chooser so I will have to find the quietest corner and be happy that I now have internet service while breakfasting.

Did I mention it's country music blaring? Ugh. He's singing about iced tea on the front porch in his sweatshirt? Sheesh.


Out of Kilter

I’ve alluded to it before and here is proof positive. Blogging is a mood thing with me. Oh, if only I could get my act together and blog daily. Wait! How terribly unfair to myself can I be? It’s simply not a case of “getting my act together". It is a case of being fair to my faithful readers. (I have always dreamed of saying that. I was just sure it would be when my books were for sale, even in Sam’s! ehhe.) If I blogged daily, it would be forced. I reiterate when I say it’s a mood thing with me. There has to be inspiration or some point of interest to cause me sit down and type, and when things are out of sync, i.e. my house messy, stress from work issues, etc., anything I write is forced and I tend to reveal parts of myself I’d rather not expose.=) You know, “keep that smile on your face so all seems right in the world”.

Here I sit, in the shade of a large, stick-on window sign at Hardee’s. Lucky for me, the only outlet in the dining area is right under that sign. My mind is reeling with topics. Sometimes if I’ll just start typing, I flow right to subject matter. Other times, as right now, I’m going to consciously pick one. Ummmmmm. Sheesh. Dirt Cheap? Christmas? Vehicles? Parties? Arrrgghhhhh. No flow.

My house is definitely messy, work is stress-filled with all the world at large wanting their decorations, etc. completed yesterday, and everything I’m writing is absolutely forced. For those who tell me they love my blog, a heartfelt thanks. I ask for patience. I will blog again, and I promise inspiring words and creative phrase. For now, I’ll pack up my laptop and leave the shade of the stick-on sign.

I’ll begin my reformation with working on that messy house.