“I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that’s the day she has a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.” - Coco Chanel


Fabulous Faces


Or should I say Fabulous Face With Fabulous Hat?

I want THAT hat for Easter. Those eyes or even lips would be ok too. Whatever. I'll take the nose.

Ok. I'll stop now.

God Reads My Blog

Disclaimer: To understand this blog, you must have read the previous post.

When I drove up last evening, someone was pushing a lawnmower in my yard. A pile had been raked and pine cones were piled. God obviously reads my blog.

My neighbor is elderly and her sitter is a friend of my family. She was working away in my yard when I pulled into the drive. My nephew was pushing the lawnmower working along side his grandmother, the sitter from next door. (And no, she does not read my blog. I'm not sure she's even familiar with the internet.)

Now, in all honesty, I was tired. I'd had a full day and my initial reaction was knowledge I had to get out there and help them. After all they were in MY yard, and I simply couldn't just sit inside and watch. (Even though I was completely tuckered out!) I changed quickly into my "yard" clothes and joined in. Within minutes, I was going full steam. I pulled all the unwanteds from my beds, raked straw to the places it belonged, rearranged patio furniture, swept the deck and hung a new wreath on the greenhouse. When I did lay my head down for the night, my yard had taken a new lease on life. And of course, that extended to other areas of my life. I put those pesky out of place things in their place, washed some clothes, generally took my living space to a happier place.

Here is where the knowledge that God reads my blog flooded me. I'd posted that very morning how I needed something to jump start my lagging spirits. I just didn't recognize it...right in my front yard. And it initially irked me. I REALLY did not want to work in the yard. I ABSOLUTELY did not feel like washing clothes. But after reading the state of my mind in my blog, God decided to give me a little push.

And it worked.

Thanks God.




How's this for another "honesty" post? I'm floundering a tad. And this pic is an easy way to show you. Yes, the sun is shining. Yep, I want to ride my bicycle. And uh huh, Tallulah is sticking close.

I just can't seem to smile genuinely just yet.=)

Ever noticed how when the stars aren't all aligned, other things pile up? By this time of year, my yard is a wonder garden to browse around in. (I guiltily admit I've not strawed a single bed yet, though there are gorgeous green shoots everywhere.) There is pine straw strewn all over my patio area. I didn't make my bed yesterday for heaven's sake! And OF COURSE someone came by and brought a friend and OF COURSE has bragged and bragged on my house and OF COURSE begged me to show them around.

Yet, here I sit in the coffee shop blogging about how I can't get it together. And I'm looking out the window at the most gorgeous day you could ever order directly from heaven. Why can't I simply walk to the washing machine and wash those clothes? What is my hold up on driving to the nursery, buying the straw and making my yard look as it's expected? Why can't I put that pile of stuff in the attic as it should have been done long ago?

No answer in sight. I only hope to right whatever this wrong is in my head and get on the ball.

You're welcomed to give me a shove, or some advice. Just be nice. I might cry.=)


The Promised Honesty

I promised honesty. Here you have it!

I have stayed on track with my eating!
I walked/jogged this morning my full 2.5 miles! (I did skip Monday and Tuesday, simply couldn't make it happen.)
All veggies and fruit. No bread or pasta. Or sugar.

Ummmmm. One ittle bitty slip up. I ate 5 m&ms. Pink and red ones from Valentine's Day. All remaining were thrown away.

The red button has my hand on it, it's half way pressed. I'm almost there. Feeling so much better about it. My phone started beeping with texts at an ungodly hour. I rolled over and pushed up my sleep mask for a peek at it. My dearest darling daughter (whose waking hour schedule is totally messed up from being in Ireland for 10 days) started texting me at 6:40 AM. Wakey Wakey-Eggs and Bakey!! I received a series of approximately 25 texts with instructions. Wake up! Put on your tennis shoes! Put on your ipod armband! Wedding May 1st! Skinny! Skinny!

Needless to say, she cracked me up. BUT, she did inspire me.

What inspires you? Got a suggestion for help with staying on track? I'd love to hear from all of you.


Marshmallow Willpower

Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

The New Yorker ran a great story about self control. A professor placed children in a room, gave them a marshmallow with instructions to not eat it. And if they could wait until the professor returned they could have a second one. I so enjoyed the hilarious video filmed testing the theory.

I SO loved it.

Tea Towel Anyone?


I would SO hang this on my stove!


Houston, We Have A Problem

DISCLAIMER: When I come back tomorrow and read this, I'm going to be sorry I posted it. I'm in a blue funk and am sure to reveal details that are not for public knowledge. This post is aimed directly at myself...with a loaded, sawed-off shotgun. (That being my weapon of choice because it's the only one that I can think of to inflict extreme damage! After all I do live in south Mississippi.)

I'm desperately searching for that button. The imaginary bright red one in my head that I somehow PUSHED last July. How well I remember how easy it seemed. Were the stars aligned? Were all my neurons, electrons and protons firing in some perfect, specific order? Was it a book I read? Did I develop my fascination with Dr. Oz and he spurred me on? Did my wisdom or the health factor kick in?

I've no answer to any of the above asked questions. I only know they are burning a hole in my psyche and I NEED, WANT, am DESPERATE to figure it out.

You couldn't have paid me to touch a dessert. I was responsible for 4 major events that week of July. There were succulent, homemade desserts piled up. I didn't touch a crumb of bread. I wouldn't dream of a grain of rice crossing my lips. I was ON TRACK. I allowed myself all the fruit I could shovel in. Any amount of vegetables (honestly didn't matter how they were cooked) were never too many. And limited portions of protein. My nurse sister later informed me I was basically doing the South Beach Diet.

And I was getting up 6ish and walk/jogging no less than 5 days a week. You couldn't have paid me to consume something "bad". I was tracking everything that entered my mouth on my iphone. And it worked. I lost 28 pounds by November.

I live with Tallulah (my cat), no humans. Meaning I rarely cook unless entertaining. I learned to dine anywhere and stay RIGHT ON TRACK. People, it's what goes into our mouths. Yes, there are other factors that regulate our weight. But when it comes right down to it, it's how many times we bend those elbows!!! I learned to SNACK legally. McDonald's has a perfect lo-fat ice cream cone, 140 calories, or the yogurt parfait. Wendy's Junior frosty? About the same calorie count. I kept trail mix in my car (and quickly learned a handful with dried fruit in it absolutely CURBS hunger.) Mexican restaurant? Order the grilled veggies and a bit of grilled chicken. Fine dining? Have grilled fish and steamed veggies. Hungry while driving? Chili from Wendy's or salad from McDonalds. Cook every night? Veggies. Eat them first and as many as you can. Then add some protein.

I'm not saying this will work perfectly for you. But it did for me. Pounds melted away. I would talk to myself during my morning walk. Why would I want to kill the effects of my walk with some high calorie sweet? I'd have to walk twice the length to compensate. My mantra was NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS BEING THIN FEELS. Having someone say, "Wow, you have really lost!" boosted my confidence further. One dear friend even went so far as to say, "Stop now T. You're going to blow away." (Ummm, that would have to be a force worse than Katrina but I LOVED hearing it.=)

(My daughter Tayler and I did this most of this together. She stayed on track and hit a major goal. She looks amazing. PROUD does not begin to explain.)

NOW, I shall begin all my excuses. Thanksgiving came and I persevered. I did have some dessert, thinking it wouldn't be hard to just maintain. I really did ok. Then came the rain and cold. I missed several days walking because of rain. Then didn't want to get sick because our church production required me singing. And the downhill descent began. Christmas was a time of vacillating back and forth from "just have one Martha Washington" to "I simply can't pass up these dumplings". And it rained more. And got colder than I ever remember in MS.

I'm up 5# from my original 28# loss. (That's the info I'll regret sharing.) Houston, we have a problem. I CAN'T SEEM TO STOP.
3 days of last week were spent seeing just what all I could find to eat. My eyes scanned the horizon just LOOKING for a drive-thru that may interest me. I had Krispy Kreme doughnuts for God's sake. I ate as much pasta as I could without being violently ill. Rice? Give me a shovel. Someone please explain this to me??!! My son marries in mere weeks. You'd think of all the times in my life this would be tantamount? Why can't I get ahold of myself? Where'd that woman who was so proud of making her heart healthy go? I REALLY wanted to have 35# off for the wedding. At this rate, only a very sharp chef's knife could accomplish that goal.

OK, OK, OK. I walked/jogged this morning. And I talked to myself. It felt really good. The breeze was perfection. I changed shirts 4 times just trying to find my "inspiring" one. I didn't quite make the early walk, more a mid-morning one.

Hey. It's a start. Somehow, I've got to find that red button. Today I vow to log everything that enters my pie hole. ( I sincerely hate that vernacular but I'm sincerely overwrought so please allow me.) Next week, I will arise early for my morning sprint. I am returning to my fruit, veggies, limited protein plan. It worked before. Lord Jesus help me to see it working again, and SOON.

I never planned on this blog being a forum about weight loss, but if that's what it takes, so be it. Shall I let you know how I'm faring? I promise complete and total honesty to you. Thank you for your patience with my impatience (with myself). Here's hoping that sharing this with you with help me PUSH THAT BUTTON AGAIN.

I'm off to find some lunch. Legal lunch that is.


Quotable Quotes


Fabulous Faces


Never has there been an 80-something year old man as elegantly beautiful. The luck of the stars was with me recently as I was able to see him in concert at the Beau Rivage. I've obsessed (for lack of better word) over this gentleman for as long as I can remember. And to be frank, was terrified he would pass away before I got to see him in person. Whew!

We arrived only to find 4 people from our fair city also sitting on our row. We live 2 hours North, but the fact that it was people who had played important roles in helping shape the artistic lives of my children made it special. The middle school and high school band directors, along with the producer/director of our yearly high school musical all sat close.

Tony Bennett. Need I say more?

A Journey

If you are familiar with me via FB, twitter, Woodlawn Church, lunch partner, or a cousin, you are aware my daughter is in Ireland. How sweet it is for your child to love and do the things you've aspired to all your life.

The above video made my heart hurt. I'm ready for a new journey. I want to pack my bags and go. My favorite days on a journey are those when there are no plans. The times when I am wondering and absorbing the culture of another place, and more often than not another "time".

Watch (go full screen by all means) and let your mind wander to your next...journey.


Fabulous Faces

I love gloves, scarves, sweaters, boots (oh Lord I LOVE boots), tights, fur stoles, fur collared coats, velvet, hats, outdoor firepits, snow...you get the picture.


But I'm drowning in desire for Spring. Two birds have been killed with one stone on this blog post. Fabulous Faces and to-die-for Spring attire.

The most debonair Chuck Bass and the prissy Blair Waldorf epitomize my idea of Spring in the above image. I want floaty georgette, straw hats, bathing suits, convertible rides, linen shifts, sexy sandals and seer sucker suits on men. And I CAN'T WAIT! I want to entertain out back with the sun toasting me. I want frozen drinks with pineapple garnish. I want blooming anything anywhere!

Spring, oh Spring, you have teased me unmercifully for the last two days. Please come and stay awhile...